Introduction: Welcome to my Mac OS X Panther weblog !

I thought I should give a short introduction to why I care to write some specific texts about Mac OS X Panther on this weblog and what you should expect to find here. First, you’ve probably guessed it, I think the latest Mac OS is really cool ! It is a pleasure to do my daily work with it, and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other OS out there (not to name one). Since I got my first Mac, I’ve always wanted to do this : a site that would tell the world what’s so marvellous about Macintoshes and the Mac OS. Being a Mac user, you just feel you need to do this Mac-evangelism !

My first computer was running Mac OS 8 by then - a blueberry iMac called Oinosome that proudly host this web site now - you’ll have chance to hear about it again later ! Now that Mac OS X is in its third major revision, sure things changed at Apple. What was first called “World’s most advanced Operating System” definitely got better and more fun to use !But one thing sure didn’t change much : Mac users always seem to like their Mac, the system and applications it runs, while some other users don’t understand their choice, and the advantages of using a Mac. I know that with major advances in other Operating Systems, the difference of using a Mac seems less obvious these days. So it’s not by arguing that one OS has some more advanced obscure technologies buried at its core, or that seem perform one kind of task better that another that we can truly show how great it is to use a Mac.Where I find I prefer using a Mac is on a day to day basis. It’s the many little details that some people might not know about (even Mac users) that makes it so fun to use. This is basically what I plan to talk about here : how simple things in Mac OS X Panther made the difference for some particular task I had to do. This is the perfect place to talk about some tips, to review some of Panther features (as well as previous Mac OS features) and also to link to sites that talk about Panther.I had to ask myself what kind of users my texts will target : novice, regular or pro users ? Basically, it’ll be a mix of all those. It does require some little knowledge, or at least curiosity, to decide to try something out of a computer that goes further than pressing a single button. I’ll try to make my texts as easy as possible to understand, but I might just add complex details at some point. Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to answer your questions and try to help you as I can. After all this is another characteristic of the Mac community : helpful !I hope you can enjoy my texts in learning, or remembering, how cool it is to use a Mac !

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