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TextEdit: advanced typography options

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

I was working recently on a text that my aunt had written to honor my lost grand-father. I wanted to add this text to my web site, and she wanted to make copies for our family. This text being so important to us, it sure deserved to look great. Using new features in TextEdit, I managed to make it appear really nicely.

I’ll go in detail with all those feature I found and showed to my aunt, but start by telling you how simple this was : I just opened the document with TextEdit, and it looked great ! Sure you’ll find plenty of details here, but these are options, with the default options being just perfect !


Introduction: Welcome to my Mac OS X Panther weblog !

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

I thought I should give a short introduction to why I care to write some specific texts about Mac OS X Panther on this weblog and what you should expect to find here. First, you’ve probably guessed it, I think the latest Mac OS is really cool ! It is a pleasure to do my daily work with it, and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other OS out there (not to name one). Since I got my first Mac, I’ve always wanted to do this : a site that would tell the world what’s so marvellous about Macintoshes and the Mac OS. Being a Mac user, you just feel you need to do this Mac-evangelism !