Tutorial: Drag and Drop

Drag and drop obviously feels like a natural way to do things, yet we don’t know every time when we can use it on a computer. This tutorial is therefore a detailed review on drag and drop, including many examples and showing what you can do in various applications. It will highlight what I consider to be one of the greatest strength of Mac OS while summarizing simpler principles linked to drag and drop in order to teach you new things about each subject covered.

Part 1 : Drag and drop in the Finder and the Dock

A detailed review about managing files in Finder and Dock. You will learn the basis of File management and some essential features found in the Finder and the Dock. This first part will end with more advanced tricks.

Part 2 : Uses for the icon in windows title bar (proxy icon)

We will see in this text the features offered by the proxy icons located in the windows’ title bar.A proxy icon

Part 3 : Text selection and edition using drag and drop

We will initially make a summary of text selection methods with the mouse and the keyboard, then we will see the various ways for creating and preserving text clippings. Lastly, we will see how to use drag and drop for text edition and to manage information (Internet forms, information fields in various applications).