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How to publish two versions of your iPhoto albums online, targeting two audiences with different comments associated to photos

Friday, January 16th, 2004

When building online photo albums to share with others, there are cases where adding each photo only in one album seems impossible : you’d like to add your photos to more than one album ! Basically the same thing happens with printed photos : just think about how often you order doubles. In many cases, the two copies of your photo will end up in two different albums. Take the example of a simple family album. Maybe you want to make one album for your family to see, and another album for your coworkers to watch on their spare time. Chances are you won’t put the same comments under photos in the two albums, using more private comments in the album you’ll show to your family. If your family consist of two children, you’ll probably want to make an album for each kid, adding comments appropriate to each one (you might even choose to write comments using first person to make it more personal to your child). All this is quite easy using traditional photo albums and printed pictures, but somehow more difficult when using iPhoto. Well, once you know how to do it, it is not that much more difficult ! Read on to know how I do it.