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Quick look on Leopard’s Address Book

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Few new features were added to the already mature Address Book, with the exception of effects on contact pictures. Here is a quick look on this application in Leopard.


The perfect mix with iTunes: from cover to disk

Monday, May 3rd, 2004

Since version 4.5, iTunes has some really interesting features that makes it a great music software from Apple. The best new thing to the iTunes party is the ability to create good looking CD inserts for your albums.

Using the new printing feature along with the Smart Playlist feature, we’ll see how we can create a perfect music mix within minutes using iTunes. We’ll also review some new features, and how we can use them at their best.


TextEdit displays multiple pages PDF inside a document!

Monday, November 17th, 2003

While preparing my previous text about TextEdit typography features, I was surprised to see a multiple page PDF document appear with scroll bars inside my document window ! Sure seeing two scroll bars one inside the other first feels confusing, but this new option in Panther looks useful to me : a rich text (RTF) document created with TextEdit can become a fancy “wrapper” for your PDF documents. You plan to present several documents for some colleagues to read ? Why not drag them in a TextEdit document and introduce each of them with your own comments ? The reader can quickly overview the documents directly from TextEdit, and double-clic each of them to have the full power of Preview to read the PDF seriously. I think it would be nice for Mail to have a similar feature and allow over-viewing PDF documents directly. But be careful, the document that results will probably only appear correctly on Macs using Mac OS X, since it is not exactly a RTF but a RTFD (some sort of file package you can explore from the finder)

PDF in TextEdit 

TextEdit: advanced typography options

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

I was working recently on a text that my aunt had written to honor my lost grand-father. I wanted to add this text to my web site, and she wanted to make copies for our family. This text being so important to us, it sure deserved to look great. Using new features in TextEdit, I managed to make it appear really nicely.

I’ll go in detail with all those feature I found and showed to my aunt, but start by telling you how simple this was : I just opened the document with TextEdit, and it looked great ! Sure you’ll find plenty of details here, but these are options, with the default options being just perfect !