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TextEdit displays multiple pages PDF inside a document!

Monday, November 17th, 2003

While preparing my previous text about TextEdit typography features, I was surprised to see a multiple page PDF document appear with scroll bars inside my document window ! Sure seeing two scroll bars one inside the other first feels confusing, but this new option in Panther looks useful to me : a rich text (RTF) document created with TextEdit can become a fancy “wrapper” for your PDF documents. You plan to present several documents for some colleagues to read ? Why not drag them in a TextEdit document and introduce each of them with your own comments ? The reader can quickly overview the documents directly from TextEdit, and double-clic each of them to have the full power of Preview to read the PDF seriously. I think it would be nice for Mail to have a similar feature and allow over-viewing PDF documents directly. But be careful, the document that results will probably only appear correctly on Macs using Mac OS X, since it is not exactly a RTF but a RTFD (some sort of file package you can explore from the finder)

PDF in TextEdit