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Quickly compare a Web page before and after its update in Safari

Friday, January 9th, 2004
  • Level: average (possibly useful to Web developers)
  • Required: Safari

When Web page content changes (either because the author updated it or you updated it yourself while building your own site), you can always use Reload to show and updated version of the page. But after you reload the page, you can’t go back to display the page like it was before, so if the content changed and you want to access the information that previously appeared on page, or if your goal was to compare the new page and the old one, then you are out of luck !

But if you use Safari, you are lucky because there is something you can do instead of using the Reload button. First, click in the URL field (it is not necessary to select the address). You can always use cmd-L to do this. Then hold the Command key and press Return. Voilà ! If you use tabs, the updated page will show up in a new tab, and you can go back and forth between those two tabs (with cmd-shift-right arrow and cmd-shift-left arrow if you prefer using the keyboard). If you don’t use tabs, it’ll open up in a separate window.

Notice that you can do the same by dragging the URL on the right of the last tab in the tabs bar. This last trick works for any URL, even those found on Web pages.